Stachorutes najtae n. sp., a new psammophile species of Collembola from Italy (Neanuridae, Pseudachorutinae)

Pietro Paolo FANCIULLI, Romano DALLAI, Francesco FRATI & Antonio CARAPELLI

en Zoosystema 39 (1) - Pages 31-36

Published on 31 March 2017

This article is a part of the thematic issue Judith Najt. A life dedicated to Collembola and research support for systematics

Stachorutes najtae n. sp. is described from the interstitial sand dunes of central Italy. It has 4 + 4 eyes with a postantennal organ composed of 7-9 simple vesicles and the furcal dens with six chaetae. Stachorutes najtae n. sp. appears closely related to S. gracilis Smolis & Shvejonkova, 2006 from which it can be separated by the different chaetotaxy of the dens and legs.


Stachorutes, Italy, littoral sands, new species.

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