Oligaphorura judithnajtae n. sp. from Japan (Collembola, Onychiuridae)

Wanda Maria WEINER & Grzegorz PAŚNIK

en Zoosystema 39 (1) - Pages 69-73

Published on 31 March 2017

This article is a part of the thematic issue Judith Najt. A life dedicated to Collembola and research support for systematics

A new species Oligaphorura judithnajtae n. sp., from Shigawatari Do Cave, Akka Iwaizumi, Japan is described and illustrated. The new species is exceptional by the presence of ventral pseudocelli on abdominal segments I-IV, the large size of s-microchaetae (ms) on antennae and thoracic terga II and III, by the long, thin body macrochaetae and by the build of furcal remnant. Oligaphorura judithnajtae n. sp. seems to be most similar to O. duocellata Babenko & Fjellberg, 2015 but can be distinguished from that species as the first thoracic segment has one pso (two pso in duocellata), the presence of one pso on each subcoxae (2,2,3 pso in duocellata) and by the PAO with one four-lobed vesicle (three-lobed in duocellata).


Pref. Iwate, Japon, Oligaphorurini, grotte, espèce nouvelle.

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