Micronella najtae n. sp. (Collembola: Brachystomellidae), a new species from Tierra del Fuego with a key to the species

Javier I. ARBEA

en Zoosystema 39 (1) - Pages 15-20

Published on 31 March 2017

This article is a part of the thematic issue Judith Najt. A life dedicated to Collembola and research support for systematics

A new species, Micronella najtae n. sp. is described. It has the following combination of characters: six sensilla on antennal segment IV, sensory organ of antennal segment III with two inner sensory “clubs”, 7-8 vesicles in postantennal organ, unguis without inner tooth and ratio of ordinary chaetae: sensory chaetae on abdominal tergites I-III as 1: 2.3-2.6. The dorsal chaetotaxy places the new species in an isolated position in the genus. An identification key to the five species of the genus Micronella Arlé, 1959 is given.

Keywords :

Chaetotaxy, neotropic, Argentina, Southern part of South America, new species.

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