Erratum: volume 38 (4) 2016: 405-452, December 30, 2016. Crickets of New Caledonia (Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea): a key to genera, with diagnoses of extant genera and descriptions of new taxa


en Zoosystema 39 (1) - Pages 137-138

Published on 31 March 2017

This article is a part of the thematic issue Judith Najt. A life dedicated to Collembola and research support for systematics

In the Figure 10 where the Gryllinae (Gryllidae) genera present in New Caledonia are illustrated, the letters of the two species of the genus Lepidogryllus Otte & Alexander, 1983 have been inverted, while they are correctly indicated in the legend and in the text of the paper. The figure is published here with the correct letters: Figure 10C shows L. comparatus (Walker, 1869), largely distributed in the Region, and Figure 10D shows L. darthvaderi Desutter-Grandcolas & Anso, 2016, recently described from the South of Grande Terre, with its distinctive very dark coloration.

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