Review of the Lispe tentaculata-group (Diptera: Muscidae) in China, with one new synonym

Yingqiang GE, Yunyun GAO, Liping YAN, Xianhui LIU & Dong ZHANG

en Zoosystema 38 (3) - Pages 339-352

Published on 30 September 2016

The Chinese fauna of Lispe tentaculata-group is reviewed. A new synonym for L. sericipalpis Stein, 1904 is established: L. fanjingshanensis Wei, 2006 n. syn. Taxonomic status of the suspected species L. alpinicola Wu & Fan, 1981 is discussed. The keys to males and females of all five species within the group in China are established. Morphological details of both sexes are illustrated using light microscopy photographs, scanning electronic microscopy images and line drawings, of which male and female terminalia are summarized as novel characteristics for diagnosis. The group is divided into two subgroups (L. tentaculata-subgroup and L. orientalis-subgroup) based on two characteristics (first fore tarsomere and phallus). To fill the gap of molecular research in Lispe, we construct a phylogenetic tree within the genus focusing on L. tentaculata-group, which verifies the division of two subgroups.


Muscidae, Lispe tentaculata-group, review, new subgroups, phylogenetic relationships, China, new synonym

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