On the identity of Graphicomassa albina (Kiener, 1841) (Gastropoda: Columbellidae)


en Zoosystema 38 (1) - Pages 43-48

Published on 25 March 2016

Investigation of the types of Columbella albina Kiener, 1841 indicate that this species is a junior synonym of Graphicomassa ligula (Duclos, 1840), leaving the species typically identified as Graphicomassa albina (Kiener, 1841) without a name. The species is quite variable and has inspired a number of synonyms over the years; the oldest of these, Colombella adiostina Duclos, 1840, now becomes the basis for the valid name for this species. In this paper, Graphicomassa ligula and G. adiostina n. comb. are both discussed comparatively.


Columbellidae, Graphicomassa, Indo-Pacific, new synonyms, new combinations.

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