The Chimarra minima group in West Africa and Madagascar (Trichoptera, Philopotamidae)

François-Marie GIBON

en Zoosystema 37 (2) - Pages 333-350

Published on 26 June 2015

Among Afrotropical representatives of the genus Chimarra Stephens, 1829 (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae), the minima group is defined to include a number of closely related species that lack the mesal lobe of tergum X, have a membranous tergum IX, and also have characteristic structures of the inferior appendages and phallic apparatus. A preliminary list of the species is proposed. The descriptions of Chimarra ambaja Mosely, 1939, Chimarra callasae Gibon, 1982, Chimarra sassandrae Gibon, 1982 and Chimarra toubaensis Gibon, 1985 are supplemented. One synonymy is established Chimarra petri Gibbs, 1973 as a junior synonym of Chimarra minima Ulmer, 1907. Five new species are described: Chimarra loffae n. sp. from Guinea, Chimarra sanagae n. sp. and Chimarra assambae n. sp. from Cameroon, Chimarra vulgaris n. sp. and Chimarra antsymeloka n. sp. from Madagascar. New citations for West Africa, Cameroon and Madagascar, new distribution and ecological data are included and analysed.


Chimarra, Biogeography, new citation, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea, Togo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Madagascar, new synonymy, new species.

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