Further notes on the genus Stenaelurillus Simon, 1885 (Araneae, Salticidae) in Africa with descriptions of eight new species


en Zoosystema 36 (3) - Pages 595-622

Published on 26 September 2014

Eight new species of Stenaelurillus Simon, 1885 from Africa are described: S. furcatus n. sp. (♂♀, Namibia), S. kavango n. sp. (♀, Namibia), S. latibulbis n. sp. (♂♀, Congo), S. modestus n. sp. (♂♀, South Africa), S. pecten n. sp. (♂♀, Botswana, Zambia), S. specularis n. sp. (♂♀, Malawi), S. sudanicus n. sp. (♀, Sudan), S. zambiensis n. sp. (♂♀, Zambia, Zimbabwe). Stenaelurillus cristatus Wesołowska & Russell-Smith, 2000 is synonymised with S. hirsutus Lessert, 1927. Name of S. giovae Caporiacco, 1936 is recognised as nomen dubium. Redescriptions of S. albopunctatus Caporiacco, 1949, S. hirsutus and S. uniguttatus Lessert, 1925 are provided. New distributional data for some species are given.


Jumping spiders, Stenaelurillus, Africa, new synonyms, new species.

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