Review and revision of the century-old types of Cardiodactylus crickets (Grylloidea, Eneopterinae, Lebinthini)


en Zoosystema 36 (1) - Pages 101-125

Published on 28 March 2014

In this study I review and revise the nine species of Cardiodactylus Saussure, 1878 crickets described before 1915, based on detailed analysis of the type specimens studied in several institutions, together with a critical review of the original descriptions. Seven species are thus confirmed or re-established as valid species (C. novaeguineae (Hann, 1842), C. canotus Saussure, 1878, C. gaimardi (Serville, 1838), C. haani Saussure, 1878, C. guttulus (Matsumura, 1913), C. pictus Saussure, 1878 and C. rufidulus Saussure, 1878), then assigned to a species group and redescribed by combining information from old type series and newer material; two species are considered as nomen dubium (new status or confirmation of previous hypotheses: C. praecipuus (Walker, 1869) and C. philippinensis Bolívar, 1913); and two species described recently are synonymised with older species (C. boharti Otte, 2007 under C. guttulus, C. tathimani Otte, 2007 under C. rufidulus).


Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Eneopterinae, Lebinthini.

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