Two new species of Lophoturus (Diplopoda, Penicillata, Lophoproctidae) from caves in Christmas Island, Australia, including the second troglomorph in Penicillata


en Zoosystema 36 (1) - Pages 29-39

Published on 28 March 2015

Two new species of the genus Lophoturus Brolemann, 1931 are described from three caves on Christmas Island. Lophoturus speophilus n. sp., from Jedda Cave and Jane up Cave, is the second species of Penicillata known with troglomorphic characters, having elongate antennae and legs, and the telotarsus bearing four sternal spiniform and lamellate processes on the claw, in addition to the two latero-dorsal denticles found in all Lophoproctidae. Lophoturus humphreysi n. sp. is described from material collected in 19th Hole cave and compared to other species of the genus. Lophoturus obscurus catalai Condé & Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 1977 and Lophoturus obscurus tongae Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin & Condé, 1982 are raised to species rank.


Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Polyxenida, Lophoproctidae, Christmas Island, Australia, new species, new status, cave.

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