Description of a new genus and species of the tribe Dundubiini (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Cicadinae) from India, with taxonomic notes on Dundubiini including the description of two new subtribes

Young June LEE & David EMERY

en Zoosystema 36 (1) - Pages 73-80

Published on 28 March 2014

A new cicada genus and species, Zaphsa princeps n. gen., n. sp., is described from India. Four subtribes, Dundubiina Atkinson, 1886, Megapomponiina Lee n. subtr., Orientopsaltriina Lee n. subtr., and Aolina Boulard, 2012, are placed in Dudubiini Atkinson, 1886 of the subfamily Cicadinae Latreille, 1802. The new genus Zaphsa n. gen. is placed in Aolina. Mata Distant, 1906 is transferred to Oncotympanina Ishihara, 1961.


Dundubiina, Aolina, new subtribes, new genus, new species.

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