New genera and species of Leptopsaltriini (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Cicadinae) from India and Tibet, with the descriptions of five new subtribes

Young June LEE & David EMERY

en Zoosystema 35 (4) - Pages 525-535

Published on 27 December 2013

Three new cicada genera and species, Mosaica irregularis n. gen., n. sp., Masamia huweii n. gen., n. sp., and Manna tenuis n. gen., n. sp., are described from India and Tibet. Six subtribes, Puranina Lee, n. subtr., Leptopsaltriina Moulton, 1923, Mosaicina Lee, n. subtr. which include the three new genera, Gudabina Lee, n. subtr., Euterpnosiina Lee, n. subtr., and Leptosemiina Lee, n. subtr., are placed in Leptopsaltriini Moulton, 1923 of the subfamily Cicadinae Latreille, 1802.


Leptopsaltriina, new subtribes, new genera, new species.

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