Taxonomy, nomenclature and phylogeny of the tribes Hoplopisthiini Senna & Calabresi, 1919 and Microtrachelizini Zimmerman, 1994 (Insecta, Coleoptera, Brentidae)


en Zoosystema 34 (3) - Pages 561-633

Published on 28 September 2012

Genera Anaraiorrhinus Damoiseau, 1987, Araiorrhinus Senna, 1893 and Microtrachelizus Senna, 1893 are reviewed. A new species is described from Mount Kinabalu (Borneo), Microtrachelizus floreni n. sp. A lectotype is designated for M. occultus Kleine, 1935. Several new synonymies are proposed at specific level: M. fluxus Kleine, 1923, n. syn. for M. accomodatus Kleine, 1922; M. apertus Kleine, 1925, n. syn. for M. bhamoensis (Senna, 1892); M. dubius Kleine, 1935, n. syn. for M. brevisulcatus Senna, 1894; M. sternopilosus Damoiseau, 1987 and M. temporalis Damoiseau, 1987, n. syn. for M. contiguus (Senna, 1893); M. compactus Mantilleri, 2010, n. syn. for M. costatus Damoiseau, 1987; M. pseudobhamoensis Mantilleri, 2007, n. syn. for M. occultus Kleine, 1935; M. aethiopicus Calabresi, 1920, M. minutus Kleine, 1922, M. sordidus Kleine, 1922, M. copulatus Kleine, 1924, M. captiosus Kleine, 1924, n. syn. for M. rectestriatus (Fairmaire, 1897). The distribution of each species is given. Microtrachelizus fractus Kleine, 1924 is newly recorded from Gabon. Identification keys are proposed for all the genera of Hoplopisthiini and Microtrachelini, and for the species of Anaraiorrhinus, Araiorrhinus, Entomopisthius Muizon, 1959 and Microtrachelizus. Following this taxonomic revision, a phylogenetic analysis is performed to test if Hoplopisthiini Senna & Calabresi, 1919 and Microtrachelizini Zimmerman, 1994 are two distinct groups belonging to different subfamilies of Brentidae Billberg, 1820 as previously hypothesised, and if Anaraiorrhinus belongs to Atopobrentini Damoiseau, 1965. Maximum parsimony and Bayesian analysis were performed on a matrix of 57 morphological characters of the adults and 76 taxa (72 belonging to all genera of Hoplopisthiini, Microtrachelizini and Atopobrentini, and four outgroups belonging to Trachelizini Lacordaire, 1866, Pseudoceocephalini Kleine, 1922, Cyphagogini Kolbe, 1892 and Stereodermini Sharp, 1895). These analysis show that: 1) Hoplopisthiini are included in Microtrachelizini; therefore, these two tribes are synonymised under the name Hoplopisthiini; 2) Hoplopisthiini are more closely related to Cyphagogini than to Trachelizinae; 3) Anaraiorrhinus is probably not monophyletic and is a member of Hoplopisthiini and it is therefore removed from Atopobrentini; 4) a new combination is proposed: Parapisthius suturalis (Damoiseau, 1961) n. comb.; 5) the genus Microtrachelizus is not monophyletic. On the base of the trees obtained and current geographical distribution, the origin and biogeography of Hoplopisthiini is discussed. Finally, a checklist of the tribe Hoplopisthiini is also given.


Curculionoidea, cladistics, Bayesian, morphology, revision, biogeography, Gondwana, new combination, new species.

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