Collembola Poduromorpha (Entognatha) from continental Yemen and Socotra Island, with the description of a new Xenylla Tullberg, 1869

Wanda Maria WEINER, Judith NAJT & Grzegorz PAŚNIK

en Zoosystema 34 (3) - Pages 553-560

Published on 28 September 2012

Collembola Poduromorpha Börner, 1913 belonging to the families of Hypogastruridae Börner, 1906, Brachystomellidae Stach, 1949, Neanuridae Börner, 1901 and Onychiuridae Lubbock, 1867 from Yemen were studied. A new species, Xenylla vanharteni n. sp., is described with the combination of following characters: 5 + 5 eyes present, mucro separated from dens and chaetotaxy of “bgklort” type. Remarks to the original description of Penelopella pohli (Barra, 2006) n. comb. is presented. New localities for seven further species are given.


Hypogastruridae, Brachystomellidae, Neanuridae, Onychiuridae, new record, new species, new combination.

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