The reproductive behaviour of the cricket Lebinthus santoensis Robillard, 2009 (Grylloidea, Eneopterinae, Lebinthini)


en Zoosystema 34 (2) - Pages 279-286

Published on 29 June 2012

This article is a part of the thematic issue SANTO 2006 Global Biodiversity Survey

We describe and quantify the mating behavioural sequence of Lebinthus santoensis Robillard, 2009, a cricket species from Espiritu Santo Island (Vanuatu) characterised by ultrasonic calling songs reaching 26 kHz. In trials carried out in laboratory we observed the complete mating sequence for two couples. We observed sequences of multiple copulations of short duration repeated at constant intervals, characterised by high rates of tremulation and acoustic activity, and showing an overlapping between the inter-copulation guarding and courtship. We analysed the durations of the production, transfer and retract of successive spermatophores and described the male and female behaviours during courtship and mating.


Insecta, Orthoptera, courtship, mating behaviour, copulation, ethogram, Vanuatu.

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