New species of Muricidae (Gastropoda) and additional or noteworthy records from the western Pacific

Roland HOUART & Virginie HÉROS

en Zoosystema 34 (1) - Pages 21-37

Published on 30 March 2012

Fourteen species of Muricidae referable to the (sub)genera Promurex Ponder & Vokes, 1988, Pygmaepterys Vokes, 1978, Murexsul Iredale, 1915, Pazinotus Vokes, 1970, Prototyphis Ponder, 1972, Ponderia Houart, 1986, Gemixystus Iredale, 1929, Leptotrophon Houart, 1995 and Scabrotrophon McLean, 1996 are reported from New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and Taiwan, to depths down to 1750 m. Five new species are described: Favartia (Pygmaepterys) lifouensis n. sp. from New Caledonia with range extension to the Solomon Islands, Pazinotus chionodes n. sp. and Gemixystus calcareus n. sp. from New Caledonia, Leptotrophon wareni n. sp. from the Solomon Islands and Favartia (Pygmaepterys) circinata n. sp. from Taiwan.


Gastropoda, Muricidae, New Caledonia, Coral Sea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Taiwan, new species, new data, new combinations.

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