La thanatocénose du lagon de l'atoll Niau (Polynésie française) avec la description d'une nouvelle espèce de Strombus (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Strombidae)


fr Zoosystema 32 (4) - Pages 613-623

Published on 31 December 2010

Thanatocenose of Niau’s atoll lagoon (French Polynesia) and description of a new species of Strombus (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Strombidae)

The field site of the Niau atoll lagoon (Tuamotu archipelago, French Polynesia) is decribed as is the Pleistocene thanatotenose we observed. Strombus (s.l.) blanci n. sp. is described and compared with Strombus fasciatus Born, 1778, a similar recent known species from Red Sea and with Strombus micklei Ladd, 1972 from the late Miocene from Eniwetok and Bikini, Marshall archipelago. Strombus blanci n. sp. differs from S. micklei and from S. fasciatus by a more fusiform test, by columellar folds at its basis, by a lirate inner lip and by three nodulose spiral ridges on the last whorl.


Mollusca, Gastropoda, Strombidae, French Polynesia, Pleistocene, new species.

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