Une nouvelle espèce de Scapheremaeus (Arachnida, Acari, Oribatida, Cymbaeremaeidae) de Madagascar : Scapheremaeus pauliani n. sp.


fr Zoosystema 32 (1) - Pages 101-115

Published on 30 March 2010

A new species of Scapheremaeus (Arachnida, Acari, Oribatida, Cymbaeremaeidae) from Madagascar: Scapheremaeus pauliani n. sp.

Scapheremaeus pauliani n. sp. collected in the Chaînes Anosyennes (farthest south east of Madagascar) is described from the adult stase. This species, the first of the genus described from this region was collected by beating of Erica sp. (Ericaceae) and reaping of Helichrysum sp. (Asteraceae). The new species can be separated from the 88 species in the genus by the following set of characters: cerotegument of prodorsum rough; that of notogaster with smooth areas and ovoid-rounded reticula alternately; cerotegument of ventral side rough or with thickenings, presence of mushroom-like structures; prodorsum complex, with straight, transversal, and curved crests, and deep furrows; dorso-central area of notogaster flattened, delimited by a deep circumdorsal furrow; notogastral chaetotaxy: 10; lenticule bulging, rounded-ovoid, with lateral expansion; presence of a lateral bump between lenticule and c setae; lateral oblique lamellar expansion; genital chaetotaxy: 5; epimeral chaetotaxy: 3-1-2-2; preanal piece triangular.


Arachnida, Acari, Oribatida, Scapheremaeus pauliani n. sp., Madagascar, new species.

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