Revision of the genera of Polyxenidae bearing pseudoarticulated gnathochilarial sensilla (Diplopoda, Polyxenida, Polyxenidae), with the description of two new species


en Zoosystema 31 (4) - Pages 829-848

Published on 31 December 2009

Examination of the syntypes of the species Chilexenus rosendinus (Silvestri, 1903) and Macroxenodes meinerti (Silvestri, 1898) has allowed the revision of the four genera of the subfamily Macroxeninae Condé, 2008 bearing pseudoarticulated gnathochilarial sensilla. The diagnostic characters of each of these four tropical or subtropical genera – Chilexenus Silvestri, 1948, Macroxenodes Silvestri, 1948, Macroxenus Brölemann, 1917 and Afraustraloxenodes Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 2003 – are redefined and two new species of Macroxenodes are described: M. navassaensis n. sp. from Navassa Island (Greater Antilles) and M. jahynyi n. sp. from Uberlândia, Brazil. Identification keys to the genera and species are given.


Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Polyxenida, Chilexenus, Macroxenus, Macroxenodes, Afraustraloxenodes, identification keys, distribution, new species.

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