A new genus and species of coenagrionid damselflies (Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae) from Vanuatu

Stefan V. OBER & Arnold H. STANICZEK

en Zoosystema 31 (3) - Pages 485-497

Published on 30 September 2009

This article is a part of the thematic issue SANTO 2006 Global Biodiversity Survey from sea bottom to ridge crests

A new genus, Vanuatubasis n. gen., is described and illustrated based on specimens from the islands of Aneityum, Espiritu Santo, and Malekula, Vanuatu. Males of the new genus differ from males of the similar Nesobasis Selys, 1891 in having short and broad superior anal appendages and long, forcipate inferior anal appendages. The already described species, Nesobasis malekulana Kimmins, 1936 and N. bidens Kimmins, 1958, are transferred to the new genus. Both species, only known from males, are redescribed. Additionally, a new species, Vanuatubasis santoensis n. gen., n. sp., is described from Espiritu Santo. Males of V. santoensis n. gen., n. sp. differ from males of the closely related V. malekulana n. comb. by their larger size, a more raised hind ridge of the pronotum, the less prominent medio-posterior protuberance of the mesostigmal laminae, and the paisley-shaped superior anal appendages. A key to the males of Vanuatubasis n. gen. is provided.


Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae, Vanuatu, new genus, new species.

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