An examination of the genus Philyra Leach, 1817 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Leucosiidae) with descriptions of seven new genera and six new species

Bella S. GALIL

en Zoosystema 31 (2) - Pages 279-320

Published on 26 June 2009

A study of the leucosiid genus Philyra Leach, 1817 led to realization that it is restricted to its type species, P. globus (Fabricius, 1775) and one new species, P. samia n. sp. Seven new genera are described: Afrophila n. gen. for P. punctata Bell, 1855; Atlantolocia for P. laevidorsalis Miers, 1881; Atlantophila n. gen. for P. cristata Miers, 1881; Hiplyra n. gen. for P. variegata (Rüppell, 1830), P. platycheir De Haan, 1841, P. longimana A. Milne Edwards, 1874, P. variegata var. elegans Gravier, 1920, and two new species, H. michellinae n. gen., n. sp. and H. sagitta n. gen., n. sp.; Lyphira n. gen. for P. heterograna Ortmann, 1892, and three new species, L. natalensis n. gen., n. sp., L. perplexa n. gen., n. sp., and L. ovata n. gen., n. sp.; Pyrhila n. gen. for P. pisum De Haan, 1841, P. carinata Bell, 1855, P. biprotubera Dai & Guan, 1986; and Ryphila n. gen. for P. cancellus (Herbst, 1783), and P. verrucosa Henderson, 1893. All genera are diagnosed and species are described or redescribed and illustrated, extended synonymies are given, and a key for their identification is provided.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Leucosiidae, Philyra, new genera, new species.

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