A new species of Triaenops (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Hipposideridae) from Aldabra Atoll, Picard Island (Seychelles)

Steven M. GOODMAN & Julie RANIVO

en Zoosystema 30 (3) - Pages 681-693

Published on 30 September 2008

This article is a part of the thematic issue Hommage à Renaud Paulian (1913-2003)

The bat genus Triaenops Dobson, 1871, of the family Hipposideridae is broadly distributed in Africa, portions of the Middle East, and islands in the western Indian Ocean. Three species of Triaenops are restricted to Madagascar (T. rufus, T. auritus and T. furculus) and the latter is also known from the western Seychelles Islands. After comparisons of specimens previously referred to T. furculus from Aldabra Atoll to recent series of this species group obtained on Madagascar, it is clear that the former represents a species new to science, which is described herein as T. pauliani n. sp. from Picard Island. Triaenops pauliani n. sp., which is within the T. furculus/auritus group, differs from other congeneric species based on external, cranial, and dental measurements and characteristics, as well as the shape of the trident noseleafs. Previous records of T. pauliani n. sp. on Cosmoledo Atoll in the western Seychelles are called into question and these specimens are presumed to be from Picard Island, Aldabra Atoll.


Mammalia, Chiroptera, Hipposideridae, Triaenops pauliani n. sp., Aldabra, Picard Island, new species.

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