Four new cave-dwelling species of Telema (Arachnida, Araneae, Telemidae) from Guizhou Province, China

Yanfeng TONG & Shuqiang LI

en Zoosystema 30 (2) - Pages 361-370

Published on 27 June 2008

Four new species of the spider genus Telema from caves in Guizhou Province, China, are diagnosed, described and illustrated. Three of these, Telema circularis n. sp., T. claviformis n. sp. and T. grandidens n. sp. are slightly troglomorphic species, with relatively long legs and without eyes. They differ from congeners and from each other in the male palpal structure, the female spermathecae, the shape of colulus, the distinctive large tooth at the middle of fang furrow (T. grandidens n. sp.) and the nearly rounded carapace (T. circularis n. sp.). A further species, T. oculata n. sp., has a clearly pigmented body, relatively shorter legs and distinctive eyes. It differs from congeners, except T. nipponica (Yaginuma, 1972), by the presence of eyes, and from T. nipponica by the different shape of sternum, the relatively long legs, the larger body size and the symmetric spermatheca.


Arachnida, Araneae Telemidae, troglomorphy, caves, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, new species

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