New data on the recent brachiopods from the Fiji and Wallis and Futuna islands, South-West Pacific

Maria Aleksandra BITNER

en Zoosystema 30 (2) - Pages 419-461

Published on 27 June 2008

Eight genera of recent brachiopods, i.e. Pelagodiscus, Novocrania, Cryptopora, Xenobrochus, Eucalathis, Campages, Megerlia and Thecidellina have been identified in the material from the Wallis and Futuna Islands, collected during the French cruise MUSORSTOM 7 in 1992. Nineteen genera of recent brachiopods, i.e. ingula, Novocrania, Cryptopora, Basiliola, Abyssothyris, Xenobrochus, Dallithyris, Terebratulina, Eucalathis, Fallax, Septicollarina, Frenulina, Argyrotheca, Amphithyris, Leptothyrella, Dallina, Nipponithyris, Campages and Thecidellina have been recognized in the material collected from the Fiji Islands during the two French cruises MUSORSTOM 10 and BORDAU 1 in 1998 and 1999. Two genera, Pelagodiscus and Megerlia, found in the Wallis and Futuna region have not been recognized in the material from Fiji. In turn, 13 genera reported from Fiji have not been found in the material from the Wallis and Futuna Islands. Four species are described as new: Xenobrochus rotundus n. sp., Leptothyrella fijiensis n. sp., Nipponithyris lauensis n. sp. and Campages ovalis n. sp. Xenobrochus roduntus n. sp. differs from congeneric species in rounded outline and small foramen. It is characterized by the rudimentary to absent outer hinge plates and rounded, anteriorly convex transverse band with a slight median fold. Leptothyrella fijiensis n. sp. possesses descending branches attached to the median septum, recessive dental plates and tubercles along the sides of the beak. Nipponithyris lauensis n. sp. is easily diff erentiated from other species of the genus by the absence of crura. Campages ovalis n. sp. is characterized by its small, oval shell with rectimarginate anterior commissure and small pedicle opening.


Brachiopoda, biodiversity, biogeography, Fiji Islands, Wallis and Futuna, South-West Pacific, new species

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