Recent brachiopods from the Austral Islands, French Polynesia, South-Central Pacific

Maria Aleksandra BITNER

en Zoosystema 29 (3) - Pages 491-502

Published on 28 September 2007

Four Recent brachiopod species, including one new, Acrobrochus marotiriensis n. sp., Dallithyris pacifica Bitner, 2006, Megerlia truncata (Linnaeus, 1767) and Thecidellina maxilla (Hedley, 1899), have been recognised in the material collected during the French BENTHAUS Expedition to the Austral Islands (French Polynesia) in 2002. The Austral Islands are situated on the south-eastern limit of the Indo-West Pacific biogeographic Province. This is the first record of brachiopods from off the Australs. Dallithyris pacifica, M. truncata and T. maxilla have been already reported from the southern Pacific, while the genus Acrobrochus is noted for the first time from the Pacific. Acrobrochus marotiriensis n. sp. belongs to the short-looped brachiopods. Its loop is characterized by a very broad, gently folded transverse band. The triangular outer hinge plates are margined by a small elevation of the crural bases. This species differs from congeneric species in its smaller size, its less elongate outline and its greater convexity.


Brachiopoda, biodiversity, biogeography, BENTHAUS, Austral Islands, South Pacific, new species.

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