Paragrillotia apecteta n. sp. and redescription of P. spratti (Campbell & Beveridge, 1993) n. comb. (Cestoda, Trypanorhyncha) from hexanchid and carcharhinid sharks off New Caledonia


en Zoosystema 29 (2) - Pages 381-391

Published on 29 June 2007

A new species of Paragrillotia Dollfus, 1969, P. apecteta n. sp., is described from the spiral valve of Hexanchus nakamurai Teng, 1962, from Lifou, New Caledonia, South Pacific. The new species differs from congeners in its distinctive basal armature with characteristic enlarged hooks, the presence of seven hooks per principal row and the presence of two or three rows of intercalary hooks. Pseudogrillotia spratti Campbell & Beveridge, 1993 is redescribed from specimens collected from Negaprion acutidens (Rüppell, 1837) from New Caledonia. The fully mature segment is described for the first time. The presence of a chainette on the external surface of the tentacle indicates that the species belongs to Paragrillotia rather than to Pseudogrillotia Dollfus, 1969 as Paragrillotia spratti (Campbell & Beveridge, 1993) n. comb. Both species represent the first records of the genus Paragrillotia from the southern hemisphere.


Cestoda, Trypanorhyncha, Paragrillotia, Paragrillotia apecteta n. sp., Paragrillotia spratti, New Caledonia, new species.

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