New apseudomorph tanaidaceans (Crustacea, Peracarida, Tanaidacea) from the bathyal slope off New Caledonia


en Zoosystema 29 (1) - Pages 51-81

Published on 30 March 2007

The Pacific collections by the French campaigns over the last 20 years included a total of six species of apseudomorph tanaidaceans from the bathyal slope off the coast of New Caledonia at between 410 and 1807 m depth. All of these species were new to science, and are described herein. Three are in the family Apseudidae, viz. Apseudes batillus n. sp., characterized by a scooped, down-curving rostrum and a spinous apophysis on antennule peduncle article 1, A. coriolis n. sp., with a reduced antennal squama and reduced pleopods unusual for the genus, and Atlantapseudes cyanea n. sp., close to the type species of the genus A. nigrichela Băcescu, 1978, but without the prominent anterolateral spine-like apophysis on pereonite 2 of that species. The other three species are in the family Pagurapseudidae, viz. Indoapseudes choristhema n. sp., characterized by its extremely reduced antenna and lack of an exopodite on the cheliped, Macrolabrum distonyx n. sp., the deepest recorded species of this genus, with characteristic antennular and rostrum morphology, and Pagurapseudes inquilinus n. sp., also distinguished by the segmentation of the antennular flagella and trunk-segment proportions, inter alia.


Crustacea, Tanaidacea, Apseudomorpha, Apseudes, Atlantapseudes, Indoapseudes, Macrolabrum, Pagurapseudes, New Caledonia, new species.

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