Phylogenetic relationships and generic taxonomy of the tribe Paini (Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae, Dicroglossinae), with diagnoses of two new genera

Annemarie OHLER & Alain DUBOIS

en Zoosystema 28 (3) - Pages 769-784

Published on 29 September 2006

A preliminary cladistic analysis of the relationships between 26 frog species of the tribe Paini (Ranidae, Dicroglossinae) was carried out on the basis of 31 morphological characters, mainly from external morphology of adults. Combined with the results of a molecular analysis published elsewhere, these data 1) confirm that, after exclusion of the species Rana delacouri Angel, 1928, the Paini are a homophyletic group, and 2) allow to redefine the genera of this tribe, which are now six in number, including two new ones described herein.


Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae, Dicroglossinae, Paini, morphology, cladistic relationships, new genera.

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