New species and new occurrence of Galatheoidea (Crustacea, Decapoda) from New Caledonia


en Zoosystema 28 (3) - Pages 669-681

Published on 29 September 2006

Four new species of the genera Eumunida Smith, 1883 (E. spinosa n. sp.), Munida Leach, 1820 (M. aulakodes n. sp., M. devestiva n. sp.) and Torbenia Baba, 2005 (T. calvata n. sp.) are described and illustrated from specimens collected during recent cruises carried out off New Caledonia. Eumunida spinosa n. sp. has two well developed spines on the anterior border of the fourth thoracic sternite (subgenus Eumunida de Saint-Laurent & Poupin, 1996), the posterior region of the carapace with complete striae, the carapace with two pairs of anterolateral spines, no ventral pad on the propodus of the chelipeds, and two rows of well developed spines on the palm of the cheliped. Munida aulakodes n. sp. is characterized by the presence of three spines on the branchial lateral margins of the carapace, spines on the anterior ridge of the second abdominal somite, and two carinae separated by a furrow, on each lateral part of the seventh thoracic sternite. Munida devestiva n. sp. has a carapace without complete transverse ridges, small eyes, with the corneae barely wider than the eyestalk, and the abdominal segments unarmed. Torbenia calvata n. sp. is easily differentiated from the other species of the genus by the absence of spines on the anterior ridge of the second abdominal segment, and the small size of the first anterolateral spine of the carapace. A new occurrence of the rare species Pseudomunida fragilis Haig, 1979 is also reported.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Galatheidae, Chirostylidae, New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean, new species.

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