On some rare and new species of rotifers (Digononta, Bdelloida; Monogononta, Ploima and Flosculariaceae) in the Kaw River estuary (French Guiana)


en Zoosystema 28 (1) - Pages 5-16

Published on 31 March 2006

The rotifer fauna of the Kaw River estuary (French Guiana) was investigated during the dry season/low water period (November 1998 and 2001) and the rainy season/flood period (June 1999) at three different stations (estuary, mud flat and mangrove creek). One hundred and eight taxa were identified, including three new species described herein, Dissotrocha guyanensis n. sp. bearing three pairs of dorsal thorns on the trunk and two long (40-50 μm) spurs on the foot; Epiphanes desmeti n. sp. a typical Epiphanes species with 10-12 (14?) uncinal teeth) ; and Floscularia curvicornis n. sp. bearing two long and curled ventral tentacles. Synchaeta arcifera Xu, 1998, is recorded from South America for the first time. Some remarks about Testudinella haueriensis Gillard, 1967 are also included.


Rotifera, Dissotrocha, Epiphanes, Floscularia, Testudinella, Synchaeta, French Guiana, new species.

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