Descriptions of two new species of the genus Tachygonetria Wedl, 1862 (Nematoda, Pharyngodonidae) and redescriptions of five species parasites of Palaearctic Testudinidae


en Zoosystema 27 (2) - Pages 193-209

Published on 30 June 2005

Two new species of pinworm parasites of Testudo graeca Linnaeus, 1758 from Morocco are described: Tachygonetria marocana n. sp. and T. khallaayounei n. sp. Light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies revealed morphological differences in the structure of the male caudal end and cephalic end, which enabled us to differentiate these new species from the others, and from each other. The following taxa are redescribed: T. numidica Seurat, 1918, T. longicollis longicollis (Schneider, 1866), T. l. setosa Petter, 1966, T. l. pusilla Petter, 1966 (parasite of Testudo graeca from Morocco), T. macrolaimus palearcticus Petter, 1966 (parasite of Testudo graeca from Morocco and of Testudo hermanni Gmelin, 1789 from Spain). On the basis of morphology, the subspecies were raised to species level.


Nematoda, Pharyngodonidae, Tachygonetria, Testudinidae, Palaearctic, new species.

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