Catalog of species-group names of Recent and fossil Scaphopoda (Mollusca)

Gerhard STEINER & Alan R. KABAT

en Zoosystema 26 (4) - Pages 549-726

Published on 31 December 2004

This catalog lists names of Recent and fossil species-group taxa of the molluscan class Scaphopoda. Of a total of 1965 entries, 517 are attributed to valid Recent taxa, 816 to valid fossil taxa, 543 are invalid names, and 89 were subsequently excluded from the Scaphopoda. The authorship and complete bibliographic references are provided for each name. The original and current generic allocation, type locality, and type material depositories, as far as available, are provided. Synonyms, geographic distributions, and bathymetric ranges are provided for Recent taxa. Cross references to junior synonyms are based upon published opinions. Eight species taxa are newly synonymized herein: Dentalium tessellatum is a junior synonym of Entalinopsis habutae; Dentalium caudani is a junior synonym of Fissidentalium candidum; F. ergasticum, F. milneedwardsi, and F. scamnatum are junior synonyms of F. capillosum; F. exuberans is a junior synonym of F. paucicostatum; and Cadulus halius is a junior synonym of C. podagrinus. Three subspecific taxa are synonymized with the respective nominate species: Antalis cerata tenax, Polyschides rushii arne, and Gadila agassizii hatterasensis. Further, eight new generic combinations are proposed: Paradentalium americanum n. comb., Coccodentalium cancellatum n. comb., Fissidentalium peruvianum n. comb., Pulsellum teres n. comb., Polyschides poculum n. comb., Polyschides foweyensis n. comb., Polyschides portoricensis n. comb., and Polyschides nitidus n. comb. Thirteen junior homonyms are renamed and listed in the appendix 1.


Mollusca, Scaphopoda, nomenclature.

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