Further considerations regarding Tityobuthus baroni (Pocock, 1890) with the description of a new species from Ste Marie Island, Madagascar (Scorpiones, Buthidae)


en Zoosystema 26 (3) - Pages 385-392

Published on 30 September 2004

New considerations regarding the species Tityobuthus baroni (Pocock, 1890), type species of the genus Tityobuthus Pocock, 1893, are proposed. One new species, Tityobuthus pallidus n. sp., is described from the Anbohidena Forest Station in Ste Marie Island on the east coast of Madagascar. The new species is characterized by moderate to large size (with respect to the genus), measuring 31 mm in total length. General coloration pale yellow throughout body and appendages. Pectines with 14-14 teeth; fulcra present. Telson globular and round; aculeus long and curved; subaculear tooth moderate and almost rhomboid. Tibial spurs weak. Pedipalp fixed and movable fingers with 8/8 rows of granules. The new description raises the total number of species in the genus Tityobuthus to 15. A revised key is given for these species.


Scorpiones, Buthidae, Tityobuthus, Madagascar, new species.

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