A catalogue of types of Diapriinae (Hymenoptera, Diapriidae) at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, with notes on the classification of Diapriinae and a brief history of the types of Jean-Jacques Kieffer (1856-1925)


en Zoosystema 26 (2) - Pages 315-352

Published on 25 June 2004

The types of 114 nominal species of Diapriinae in the collection of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, are catalogued. Lectotypes are designated for 13 species (Abothropria nigra Kieffer, 1913, Bothriopria saussurei Kieffer, 1905, Diapria necans Kieffer, 1911, D. omoi Risbec, 1950, Eriopria nigra Kieffer, 1910, E. rufithorax Kieffer, 1910, Ledouxopria africana Risbec, 1953, Scapopria atriceps Kieffer, 1913, Spilomicrus carinatus Kieffer, 1911, S. crassipes Kieffer, 1911, S. gracilicornis Kieffer, 1911, S. gracilicornis festivus Kieffer, 1911 and Trichopria cilipes Kieffer, 1909), 14 new combinations are established (Aneuropria kilimandjaroi (Kieffer, 1913) n. comb., Basalys africana (Risbec, 1953) n. comb., B. semirufa (Kieffer, 1913) n. comb., Coptera ankaratrae (Risbec, 1954) n. comb., Doliopria antillensis (Risbec, 1950) n. comb., Lepidopria lloydi (Ferrière, 1935) n. comb., Spilomicrus saussurei (Kieffer, 1905) n. comb., S. variabilis (Risbec, 1950) n. comb., S. villiersi (Risbec, 1954) n. comb., Tetramopria castanea (Kieffer, 1911) n. comb., Trichopria atriceps (Kieffer, 1913) n. comb., T. belouvi (Risbec, 1957) n. comb., T. nigra (Kieffer, 1913) n. comb. and T. omoi (Risbec, 1950) n. comb.) and seven replacement names are proposed (Trichopria tiwi n. nom. for T. nigra n. comb., Coptera seyrigi n. nom. for C. ornata (Risbec, 1950), Paramesius dessarti n. nom. for P. unifoveatus Kieffer, 1911, Trichopria jeanneli n. nom. for T. fimbriata (Kieffer, 1913), T. villemanti n. nom. for T. rufa (Kieffer, 1913), T. scapus n. nom. for T. atriceps n. comb. and Basalys balnea n. nom. for B. semirufa n. comb.). Four generic and eight specific synonymies are established (Abothropria Kieffer, 1913 = Trichopria Ashmead, 1893 n. syn., Bothriopria Kieffer, 1905 = Spilomicrus Westwood, 1832 n. syn., Ledouxopria Risbec, 1953 = Basalys Westwood, 1832 n. syn., Scapopria Kieffer, 1913 = Trichopria n. syn., Diapria necans = Trichopria verticillata (Latreille, 1805) n. syn., Diapria vulpina Kieffer, 1911 = Trichopria conotoma (Kieffer, 1911) n. syn., Eriopria nigra = Spilomicrus antennatus (Jurine, 1807) n. syn., E. rufithorax = S. antennatus n. syn., Spilomicrus carinatus = S. compressus Thomson, 1858 n. syn., S. crassipes = S. compressus n. syn., S. gracilicornis festivus = S. gracilicornis n. syn. and Trichopria cilipes = T. nigra (Nees, 1834) n. syn.). Notes are provided on the classification of the Diapriinae, with special reference to the tribe Psilini, and a brief history of the types of Abbé Jean-Jacques Kieffer is given.


Insecta, Hymenoptera, Diapriidae, Diapriinae, Psilini, Aneurhynchus, Labolips, types, catalogue, Jean-Jacques Kieffer, classification, phylogeny.

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