A new genus and new species of the family Crangonidae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea) from the southwestern Pacific

Tomoyuki KOMAI

en Zoosystema 26 (1) - Pages 73-85

Published on 26 March 2004

A new crangonid genus and species, Pseudopontophilus serratus n. gen., n. sp., is established from the southwestern Pacific. The new genus is closely related to Pontophilus Leach, 1817 and Parapontophilus Christoffersen, 1988 in having at least one pair of lateral teeth on the rostrum and a postorbital suture on the carapace. It is distinguished from both Pontophilus and Parapontophilus in the completely loss of exopod on the first pereopod and the less reduced second pereopod. Considerable variation in the number of median spines on the carapace, which not appear to be correlated with either size or sex, is found in this new species.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Crangonidae, southwestern Pacific, new genus, new species.

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