A new subfamilial arrangement for the Dromiidae de Haan, 1833, with diagnoses and descriptions of new genera and species (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura)

Danièle GUINOT & Marcos TAVARES

en Zoosystema 25 (1) - Pages 43-129

Published on 09 April 2003

A review of the morphology among members of the Dromiacea (and among other members of the Podotremata) revealed that the present classification of the Dromiidae does not reflect the wide variation of morphological patterns within the family. The Dromiidae are for the first time subdivided into three subfamilies: Dromiinae de Haan, 1833 n. status (type genus: Dromia Weber, 1795); Hypoconchinae n. subfam. (type genus: Hypoconcha Guérin-Méneville, 1854); and Sphaerodromiinae n. subfam. (type genus: Sphaerodromia Alcock, 1899). Thirty-eight dromiid genera are recognized herein: 34 in the Dromiinae n. status, five of which are new: Lamarckdromia n. gen. (type species: Dromia globosa Lamarck, 1818), Lewindromia n. gen. (type species: Cryptodromiopsis unidentata Rüppell, 1830), Mclaydromia n. gen. (type species: Mclaydromia colini n. gen., n. sp.), Moreiradromia n. gen. (type species: Dromidia antillensis Stimpson, 1858), and Stebbingdromia n. gen. (type species: Dromidiopsis plumosa Lewinsohn, 1984); one in the Hypoconchinae n. subfam. (Hypoconcha Guérin-Méneville, 1854); and two in the Sphaerodromiinae n. subfam. (Sphaerodromia, Eodromia McLay, 1993). The diagnoses of the following four dromiine genera are emended: Austrodromidia McLay, 1993; Cryptodromiopsis Borradaile, 1903; Dromidia Stimpson, 1858; and Dromidiopsis Borradaile, 1900. The monotypic Platydromia Brocchi, 1877 (type species: Dromia spongiosa Stimpson, 1858) is resurrected. Seven dromiine genera are discussed in detail: Conchoecetes Stimpson, 1858; Desmodromia McLay, 2001; Epipedodromia André, 1932; Fultodromia McLay, 1993; Hemisphaerodromia Barnard, 1954; Homalodromia Miers, 1884; and Pseudodromia Stimpson, 1858. Sphaerodromia, Eodromia, Hypoconcha and the enigmatic Frodromia are analyzed in detail. Special reference is made to the morphology of the thoracic sternum, spermathecae at the extremity of sternal sutures 7/8, uropods, vestigial male pleopods on abdominal somites 3-5, coxa of the fifth pereopod and the penis. A key to the families of the Dromiacea and the subfamilies of the Dromiidae is provided.


Crustacea, Podotremata, Dromiidae, Dromiinae n. status, Hypoconchinae n. subfam., Sphaerodromiinae n. subfam., uropod, thoracic sternum, spermathecae, new subfamilies, new genera, new species, phylogeny.

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