The Indo-Pacific scyllarine lobsters (Crustacea, Decapoda, Scyllaridae)


en Zoosystema 24 (3) - Pages 499-683

Published on 30 September 2002

A revision is provided of the Indo-Pacific species of the subfamily Scyllarinae. All of these species were formerly placed in the genus Scyllarus Fabricius, 1775, but a closer study revealed that several genera could be distinguished within the subfamily. The 13 new genera now recognized in the Indo-Pacific biogeographic region are as follows: Acantharctus n. gen., Antarctus n. gen., Antipodarctus n. gen., Bathyarctus n. gen., Biarctus n. gen., Chelarctus n. gen., Crenarctus n. gen., Eduarctus n. gen., Galearctus n. gen., Gibbularctus n. gen., Petrarctus n. gen., Remiarctus n. gen. and Scammarctus n. gen. Diagnoses and keys are provided for all the genera and their species. New and insufficiently known species have been described extensively, for the others additional morphological details are given. New species are: Bathyarctus chani n. gen., n. sp., B. steatopygus n. gen., n. sp., Petrarctus veliger n. gen., n. sp., Chelarctus crosnieri n. gen., n. sp., Eduarctus pyrrhonotus n. gen., n. sp., E. marginatus n. gen., n. sp., E. perspicillatus n. gen., n. sp. and E. reticulatus n. gen., n. sp. Furthermore efforts were made to provide each species with a complete synonymy, a description of the colour, its biology, habitat and geographical distribution. All the material examined is listed in detail. Where appropriate, remarks are provided on nomenclature, published data on the larval development and other topics.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Scyllarinae, Indo-Pacific, new genera, new species.

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