Un nouveau genre de Pseudachorutinae (Collembola) des sables littoraux de la Province du Natal République Sud africaine)

Jean-Auguste BARRA

fr Zoosystema 24 (1) - Pages 177-180

Published on 29 March 2002

A new Pseudachorutinae genus (Collembola) in the littoral sand of Natal Province (South African Republic)

A new genus, Najtafrica n. gen., is created for the species Stachorutes riebi Barra, 1994 and a redescription of this species is given. It is characterised by a pseudachorutinian aspect without leaping paratergits and a strong tegumental grain. The postantennal organ is moruliform; 2 + 2 eyes. The antennal article IV sustains seven blunt setae. Chaetotaxy is reduced. Tibiotarsi I, II, III with 11, 11, 10 respectively. Furca short with three setae per dens. The species was found in humid littoral sand.


Collembola, Pseudachorutinae, Najtafrica n. gen., nouveau genre, Province du Natal.

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