The genus Brookula Iredale, 1912 (Gastropoda, Trochidae) from Brazil: description of a new species, with notes on other South American species

Ricardo S. ABSALÃO, Cintia MIYAJI & Alexandre D. PIMENTA

en Zoosystema 23 (4) - Pages 675-687

Published on 28 December 2001

The taxonomy of the species belonging to the genus Brookula Iredale, 1912, mainly from the Atlantic coast of South America and some others from adjacent Antarctic waters is reviewed. The following species are reported from South America: Brookula decussata (Pelseneer, 1903); Brookula crassicostata (Strebel, 1908); Brookula calypso (Melvill & Standen, 1912); Brookula powelli Clarke, 1961; Brookula exquisita Clarke, 1961; Brookula lamonti Clarke, 1961; Brookula pfefferi Powell, 1951; Brookula conica (Watson, 1886); and Brookula spinulata n. sp., the three latter species occurring off the Brazilian coast. Brookula strebeli Powell, 1951, Brookula sinusbreidensis Numanami & Okutani, 1991 and Brookula delli Numanami, 1996 are considered to be junior synonym of B. pfefferi. Brookula spinulata n. sp. is distinguished from all other species known from the southwestern Atlantic by the nature of the spiral revolving threads.


Mollusca, Gastropoda, Trochidae, Brookula, South America, new species.

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