Sur l'identité de Zephronia hainani Gressitt, 1941, à propos de la description d'un nouveau Prionobelum (Diplopoda, Sphaerotheriida, Shaeropoeidae) de Haïnan, Chine


fr Zoosystema 23 (1) - Pages 131-142

Published on 30 March 2001

On the identity of Zephronia hainani Gressitt, 1941, concerning the description of a new Prionobelum (Diplopoda, Sphaerotheriida, Sphaeropoeidae) from Hainan, China

A new species of Spherotherida, Prionobelum joliveti n. sp., from Hainan (China), is described. It is compared with the inadequately characterized taxon Zephronia hainani Gressitt, 1941, which is redescribed from the holotype male, and transfered to the genus Prionobelum Verhoeff, 1924 (seven or eight species from China and Vietnam). The new species is characterized by smaller size, dark green coloration and more elongated femoral tooth of the male paratelopod. Chinosphaera Attems, 1935 and Prionobelum Verhoeff, 1924 are synonymized, based on an examination of type material of Prionobelum durum Verhoeff, 1924 and Chinosphaera maculosa Attems, 1935. A classification of the subfamily Sphaeropoeinae, with brief diagnoses of the tribes, is presented here; it differs only by a single point (deletion of the tribe Prionobelini) from that proposed by Hoffman 1980.


Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Sphaerotheriida, Sphaeropoeidae, China, Vietnam, new species.

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