Analyse taxonomique de quelques espèces du genre Uroplectes Peters, 1861 présentes en Angola et description d'une espèce nouvelle (Scorpiones, Buthidae)


fr Zoosystema 22 (3) - Pages 499-506

Published on 29 September 2000

Taxonomic analyses of several species of genus Uroplectes Peters, 1861 present in Angola, and description of a new species (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

A taxonomic analysis is proposed for some species of the genus Uroplectes Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones, Buthidae) present in Angola. Two varieties associated with the species Uroplectes occidentalis Simon, 1876, namely Uroplectes occidentalis occidentalis Simon, and Uroplectes occidentalis monardi Vachon, 1950, are considered as valid and distinct species. Uroplectes machadoi n. sp. is described. These three species can be readily identified by the particular shape of the middle basal lamellae of the female pectines (Fig. 2E-G). Some comments on the geographical distributions of these species and a key for their determination are also included.


Scorpion, Buthidae, Angola, Uroplectes, new species.

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