The hexactinellid Leiobolidium Schmidt (Porifera) is a Hyalonema Gray


en Zoosystema 22 (2) - Pages 411-417

Published on 30 June 2000

This article is a part of the thematic issue PORIFERA 2000: Volume in honour of Professor Claude Lévi

The hexactinellid sponge genus Leiobolidium was proposed by Schmidt (1880) for a specimen dredged by Agassiz on the USCSS Blake off Bequia, Lesser Antilles in 1879. The description accompanying the uninominal proposal was adequate to give the genus name zoological availability, but inadequate for determination of its relationship to other hexactinellids. It has remained an irritant requiring resolution. The specimen upon which the genus was based has been discovered, examined and found to be a species of Hyalonema. Its possession of macramphidiscs with serrated teeth and uncinates allows it to be placed in either of two modern subgenera with these respective distinctive characters, Prionema or Onconema. The first of these is chosen, along with Schmidt’s species label name, in formation of the taxon, H. (Prionema) repletum n. sp.


Porifera, Leiobolidium, Hexactinellida, Hyalonema, Prionema, Onconema, new species.

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