A new species of Endonura Cassagnau, 1979 from Bulgaria with remarks on Endonura centaurea (Cassagnau & Peja, 1979) (Collembola, Neanuridae)


en Zoosystema 22 (1) - Pages 117-120

Published on 30 March 2000

Endonura urotuberculata n. sp. from Bulgaria is described and illustrated. It is distinguished by the following combination of characters: lack of the eyes and seta 0 on the head, presence of seta E and free setae Di 1.2 on the head, free setae on Th.I, free setae Di 3 and De 2 on Th.II, Di 3, De 2, De 3 on Th. III, De 2, De 3 on Abd. I-II, De 3 on Abd. III, arrangement of setae on tubercle Di on Abd. V (microchaeta, mesochaeta and macrochaeta placed in one row parallel to long axis of the body), presence of characteristic, cauliflower-like granules on tubercules of Abd. V-VI. The description of Endonura centaurea (Cassagnau & Peja, 1979) is supplemented. Syntypes of this species show distinct 2+2 ocelli in a typical arrangement, not large granules as suggested by authors in original description.


Collembola, Neanuridae, Endonura, new species, taxonomy.

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