The Hippoidea (Decapoda, Anomura) of the Marquises Islands, with description of a new species of Albunea

Christopher B. BOYKO

en Zoosystema 22 (1) - Pages 107-116

Published on 30 March 2000

The hippoid fauna of the Marquises Islands is summarized, based primarily on materials collected by MUSORSTOM 9. A new species of sand crab of the family Albuneidae, Albunea marquisiana, is described based on a sample size that is unusually large for an albuneid. This new species is characterized by the shape of the dactyli, the spatulate and inflated form of the male telson and the composition of the carapace groove 10 and 11, which are broken into smaller elements. It is most closely related to A. holthuisi Boyko & Harvey, 1999, which occurs in the Indo-Pacific from Madagascar eastward to Indonesia. New records are given for A. speciosa Dana, 1852, the first record of this species from the Marquises Islands, and Hippa adactyla Fabricius, 1787.


Hippoidea, Albunea, Hippa, new species, Marquises Islands.

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