Cirripedia Thoracica (Crustacea) collected during the "Campagne de La Calypso (1961-1962)" from the Atlantic shelf of South America

Paulo S. YOUNG

en Zoosystema 22 (1) - Pages 85-100

Published on 30 March 2000

The cirripeds sampled by La Calypso on the Atlantic continental shelf of South America during 1961-1962 include 16 species. These are four scalpellomorphs, Ornatoscalpellum gibberum (Aurivillius), Litoscalpellum henriquecostai (Weber), Diceroscalpellum boubalocerus (Young) and Weltnerium hydrozoaphilum n. sp., one verrucomorph, Verruca minuta n. sp. and 11 balanomorphs,Chelonibia patula (Ranzani), Coronula diadema(Linnaeus), Tetraclita stalactifera (Lamarck), Acasta cyathus Darwin, Megatrema madreporarum (Bosc), Balanus amphitrite Darwin, Balanus venustusDarwin, Balanus trigonus Darwin, Brown, Megabalanus coccopoma (Darwin), Austromegabalanus psittacus (Molina). Among these are two previously undescribed species: Weltnerium hydrozoaphilum n. sp. has on the capitular cuticle a few scattered clusters of setae, the carina has subapical umbo, the inframedian latus is pentagonal, with a subapical umbo, the carino-latus has its umbo at lower third of the carinal margin.Verruca minuta n. sp. has its shell lacking depressions between the articular ridges of the carina and rostrum, the movable scutum has an adductor ridge and two articular ridges, and the cirri IV to VI have on their anterior margins four pairs of setae.


Cirripedia, Thoracica, new species, South America, Atlantic Ocean.

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