Révision du genre Strophomorphus Seidlitz, 1867 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)


fr Zoosystema 21 (4) - Pages 681-750

Published on 24 December 1999

This article is a part of the thematic issue Brazilian Deep Water Fauna: Results of the Océanographie Cruise TAAF MD55

Revision of the genus Strophomorphus Seidlitz, 1867 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

The revision of the species of the Strophomorphus genus, Seidlitz, 1867 after examination of the majority of type specimens has led to the following results : 1) Eucorynus porcellus (Schönherr 1832) has been designated as the type species of the genus ; 2) taking into account mainly the shape of eyes, the elytra cover of squamulae and/or setae, and the shape of the median lobe of penis, twelve new species and one new subspecies have been described : S. behnei, S. boroveci, S. colonnellii, S. ctenotoides, S. exophthalmus, S. fremuthi, S. iranensis, S. levantinus, S. osellai, S. perrinae, S. ponticus, S. zerchei and S. creticus aegyptiacus. A dichotomic key allows the identification of the twenty six Strophomorphus species ; 3) fourteen new synonymies have been established : S. albarius (Reiche & Saulcy, 1857) (= S. sejugatus Desbrochers, [1875] ; = S. semipurpureus Pic, 1910), S. breviusculus (Marseul, 1868) (= S. brevithorax Pic, 1910 ; = S. brevithorax cyprica Pic, 1910), S. bruleriei Desbrochers, [1875] (= S. desbrochersi Stierlin, 1885), S. brunneus Tournier, 1874 (= S. sublaevigatus Desbrochers, [1875] ; = S. barbarus Stierlin, (1885) ; = S. uniformis Desbrochers, 1892 ; = S. damascenus Pic, 1905 ; = Pholicodes heydeni Schilsky, 1912), S. ctenotus Desbrochers [1875] (= S. adanensis Pic, 1910), S. impressicollis Tournier, 1874 (= S. subciliatus Reitter, 1895), S. porcellus (Schönherr, 1832) (= Cneorhinus hispidus comatus Boheman, 1839 ; = S. ursus Desbrochers [1875]), 4) four species have been excluded from the Strophomorphus genus and led to new combinations : Pholicodes (s.l.) creticus (Faust, 1885), Pholicodes fausti (Reitter, 1895) (= Pholicodes karacaensis (Hoffmann, 1956) syn. n.), Strophocodes n. gen. perforatus (Pic, 1913) which differs from both genus Strophomorphus and Pholicodes. Relationships and differences of the Strophomorphus, Seidlitz, 1867, with related genus are discussed in introduction and in conclusion.


Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae, Strophomorphusw, revision, type species designation, new species, new genus, new synonymy, new combination, dichotomic key.

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