Amathillopsidae and Epimeriidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from bathyal depths off the Brazilian coast

Yoko WAKABARA & Cristiana S. SEREJO

en Zoosystema 21 (4) - Pages 625-645

Published on 24 December 1999

This article is a part of the thematic issue Brazilian Deep Water Fauna: Results of the Océanographie Cruise TAAF MD55

Deep sea samples made during the cruise of the Marion Dufresne off the Brazilian coast yielded three new species of Epimeria (Epimeriidae): E. bathyalis, E. rotunda and E. ultraspinosa. E. bathyalis differs from all known species of Epimeria by bearing maxilliped palp article 4 with two inner teeth; coxa 4 acutely pointed below; coxa 5 posteroventral corner acutely produced downwards; and postoventral corner of epimera one to three slightly produced. E. rotunda is distinct from all other taxon in the following combinated characters: maxilliped palp article 4 with one inner teeth; coxa 4 rounded anteriorly; and coxa 5 slightly produced posteriorly in an obtuse angle. E. ultraspinosa is very conspicuous because of its maxilliped palp article 4 with 5 inner teeth; long rostrum surpassing end of peduncular article 3 of antenna 1; and coxa 5 acutely produced backwards reaching middle of pleonite 3. Amathillopsis atlantica (Amathillopsidae) is herein redescribed from two specimens. This species was previously known from the North Atlantic Ocean and is first recorded from southweastern Atlantic.


Amathillopsidae, Epimeriidae, Epimeria, new species, Brazil, deep-water species.

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