Confirmation de la validité du genre Hormiops Fage, 1933 avec redescription d'Hormiops davidovi Fage, 1933 (Scorpiones, Ischnuridae)

Wilson R. LOURENÇO & Lionel MONOD

fr Zoosystema 21 (2) - Pages 337-344

Published on 24 June 1999

Confirmation of the validity of the genus Hormiops Fage, 1933 with redescription of Hormiops davidovi Fage, 1933 (Scorpiones, Ischnuridae)

Study of the types and specimens of scorpions belonging to the genus Hormiops Fage 1933, deposited in the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, leads to the revalidation of this genus, with a redescription of Hormiops davidovi Fage, 1933. This species is known only from the Island of Poulo-Condore in the south region of Vietnam. Differential characters are presence of two lateral eyes, a trichobothria db of chela on the external surface, and an hemispermatophore very simple, with reduced hooks.


Scorpion, Hormiops, Ischnuridae, redescription, Poulo-Condore, Vietnam.

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