A new genus of Galatheidae (Crustacea, Anomura) from the Western Pacific Ocean


en Zoosystema 20 (2) - Pages 351-355

Published on 13 July 1998

This article is a part of the thematic issue Papers in honour of Alain Crosnier

A new genus, Crosnierita, is established for three species of galatheid crustaceans: C. dicata n.sp., Munida urizae Macpherson, 1994 and M. yante Macpherson, 1994, the latter two having been transferred to the genus Agononida. The new genus is characterized by the absence of male pleopods on the first abdominal segment, the frontal margin deeply concave, the lateral margin of the basal antennular segment bearing two spines in addition to the distal spines, the third and fourth segments of the antennal peduncle reduced in size and the merus of the third maxilliped very short. All these characters suggest that the new genus approaches Bathymunida Balss, 1914 and its relatives.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Galatheidae, Crosnierita, new species, Pacific Ocean.

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