Cirripedia (Crustacea) from the "Campagne Biaçores" in the Azores region, including a generic revision of Verrucidae

Paulo S. YOUNG

en Zoosystema 20 (1) - Pages 31-92

Published on 06 April 1998

The cirripeds sampled by the N. O. Jean Charcot from the Azores region include thirty-four species: twenty lepadomorphs, eight verrucomorphs and six balanomorphs. Among these are two new species: Arcoscalpellum eponkos n.sp. and Tesseropora arnoldi n.sp. and several little known species. The family Verrucidae is revised, and a key to the genera is included. Verruca and Metaverruca are rediagnosed, two new genera are proposed: Newmaniverruca n.g. and Costatoverruca n.g. A list of recent species of Verrucidae is provided, reported with keys to all of the species. Forty-five species of cirripeds are reported from the Azores region, of which one third are endemic.


Cirripedia, Verrucidae, new genus and species, Azores region.

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